Lovin' the Loire

Leonardo extravaganza kicks off at the Louvre

The Louvre museum has kicked off its blockbuster retrospective of Leonardo da Vinci to mark 500 years since the death of the Renaissance master. Some 240,000 people have already reserved their place in line for the four-month exhibition, the biggest ever organized to showcase the Tuscan polymath's indelible contributions to…

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Leonardo’s bones: lost and found?

    Leonardo's "presumed" remains lie under a tombstone in the small Flamboyant Gothic chapel of Saint Hubert on the grounds of the royal chateau in Amboise on the banks of the Loire. The tale of how the bones were lost and possibly found winds through French history from the…

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Did Leonardo have ‘claw hand’?

Two Italian doctors have advanced arguments to counter the widely accepted conclusion that Leonardo da Vinci suffered a stroke, paralyzing his right arm, some five years before his death in 1519. Davide Lazzeri, a plastic surgeon at the Villa Salaria Clinic in Rome, and Carlo Rossi, a neurologist at the…

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Keep smiling: Mona Lisa’s umpteenth move

In her 500 years of existence, Mona Lisa has been around, and she has taken some knocks. Since 1516 when she traversed the Alps in a mule caravan with her creator as he travelled to France, she has been twice stolen and twice vandalized, and her enigmatic face has been…

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‘Life well spent is long’: Leonardo

Leonardo died 500 years ago on May 2 in the Loire Valley town of Amboise, where he was the prestigious guest of French King Francis I for the last three years of his life. The Florentine master  brought with him three of his favorite paintings: the Mona Lisa, the Virgin…

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