Lovin' the Loire

Amboise, Renaissance capital

Five hundred years ago, Amboise was the seat of power and the final stomping grounds of Leonardo da Vinci. Today, the benevolent city on the banks of the Loire seduces history buffs, cyclists and wine lovers alike. Stately plane trees line the Loire River in the middle of Amboise, throwing…

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The one, the only tarte Tatin

"You will never, ever find a tarte Tatin that resembles the true tarte Tatin of the Tatin sisters," says Jean-Paul Martin Cousin. Even if you travel to Lamotte-Beuvron, the Loire Valle town where the mouth-watering caramelized apple pie originated, sadly you can no longer find a genuine tarte Tatin because…

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Leonardo the anatomist

The gory truth about Leonardo's mastery of human anatomy is that his insatiable curiosity and desire to represent living beings accurately led him to dissect not only animals, but humans as well, including at least one woman who died with an unborn baby in her womb. He obtained his specimens--usually…

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